John waters returned to the movie with Liarmouth

John waters returned to the movie with Liarmouth

Although he has certainly stepped in front of the camera for chemicals and chemicals, it has been 18 years since John waters filmed (this will be a dirty shame of 2004). But eventually he plans to go after the camera for Liarmouth.

 Deadline reports that the village roadshow has acquired the rights of the waters novel (full title: lilieth: a feel-bad romance), which will be released in May.

 This movie follows Marsha spirinkle, a stuff thief, con artist and masquerade master. Dogs and children hate it. His own family wants him to die. 

He’s smart, he’s desperate, he’s a mess, and he’s running with a big chip on his shoulder. They call it Liarmouth – unless a mad man calls it truth

 “Liarmouth is a crazy thing I wrote in a while, so maybe it’s appropriate that my novel was quite startling to start my cinematic career engine,” said waters in a statement I’m glad to be back in the world of cinema again, I hope there will be some meaningless happiness for the adventurers around the world.

 There’s no word yet about who can act or when to film it, but we’re definitely preparing waters for a full refund on the big screen.

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