How can poor children grow up and become wealthy

How can poor children grow up and become wealthy? This is a question that every poor person seeks to answer, but now widely done American research has made an important discovery in this regard.

 A research report published in the American scientific journal Nature quotes ‘the power of friendship’ as saying that children with rich friends are more likely to grow up and become wealthy, although it has been considered before, however, for the first time such extensive research has been done.

 The researchers concluded that if the children of poor homes grow up to play in such neighborhoods, where the rich children are their friends, the chances of earning money on their own grow bigger.

 According to research findings, poor children who grew up playboys in neighborhoods where 70 percent of their friends were rich, had 20 percent more income in the future than their peers, compared to those who grew up playboys without class differentials.

 A team of American researchers chose Facebook to expand the scope of their research on this topic, because it is the world’s largest social networking platform, and almost 3 billion people in the world use Facebook.

 Researchers studied the data of about 7.2 crore people among the users, but the personal details of those aged 25 to 44 were kept secret.

 Researchers used an algorithm in which individuals were divided into their social and economic status, age, area, and many other categories.

The research found how many friends individuals have elevated their economic status. Researchers also compared the data obtained with previous analyses and research studies.

 Harvard University economist and the head of this research team, Raj Shetty, said that on two separate grounds, the results were surprisingly similar. Other studies tried to find out why children from rich or poor classes make friends in a particular field.

 The researchers hope that this research will help the policymakers in positive and constructive actions.

 Experts have also indicated that poverty can also be reduced by the greater number of friends of poor and rich children.

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