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Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

Practical Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp: JavaScript, React, Python, Docker, Flask, API, Bootstrap, Git and Postman

What you’ll learn in Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

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  • How to create full stack web application with frontend, backend and database parts and build and run all of the services using Docker with auto reload features
  • How to build Single Page Applications using React and use different React Components, state, props and React hooks such as useState and useEffect
  • Connect frontend application written in React with backend application written in Python by making REST API requests using axios package in the React app
  • Understand what is API and how it works, which API methods exists and how to correctly design API endpoints for various resources
  • Use Python Flask for building backend API service and create different endpoints with corresponding view function, utilize internal and external Python modules
  • Master full stack web development workflow by using JavaScript, Python, Docker, React, NPM, MongoDB, Postman, Git, GitHub and other tools


  • Basic software development knowledge

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This is the React and Python Flask Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp. It is a practical course where you will start building real application from the first lecture. Application will consist of the frontend and backend parts. The frontend will be built using JavaScript React. The backend API will be built using Python Flask.

The practical full stack web development bootcamp includes: JavaScript, React, Python, Flask, API, Git and VS Code

During the creation of the frontend app you will perform the following practical tasks:

  1. Initialize a React app using create-react-app
  2. Create different React Components
  3. Use useEffect and useState React hooks
  4. Adjust favicon.ico in the frontend app
  5. Create and insert an svg logo
  6. Making API request to the Unsplash API
  7. Using React props and state

While making an API app you will perform the following practical tasks:

  1. Create a Python virtual environment using pipenv
  2. Install and use Python packages such as Flask, dotenv and Requests
  3. Creating Flask routes
  4. Making external API calls from the Flask app
  5. Accepting requests from the clients

You will also learn how to use following applications:

  1. Visual Studio Code
  2. Git and GitHub
  3. Postman

With this course you will get lifetime-long access to more than 100 lectures and tens of practical exercises. After the course you will become a full stack web developer with practical knowledge about JavaScript React and Python Flask.

You will also get 30-days money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

Don’t wait and join the course now!

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers
  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • Full stack developers

Created by Bogdan Stashchuk | Software Engineer, MBA, PhD, CCIE

Size: 10.29GB


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