Feroz and Sajal new relationship after divorce from wife

Feroz and Sajal new relationship after divorce from wife

Actor Feroz Khan has been newly revealed to actress Sajal Ali about her old relationship after her divorce to ex-wife, alizay.

 Everyone knows that Feroz Khan and Sajal Ali were in a deep relationship.

 Last year, sajal ali and Feroz Khan were separated for unknown reasons, after which Feroz Khan married Eliza and SAJAL ALI actor Ahad Raza Mir.

 Now during a program, entertainment journalist and host believer and faith claimed that during the breakup of Sajal Ali and Feroz Khan, the same news came out that Feroz Khan used to raise his hand on sajal ali.

 Iman has to tell during his show that during the September 21 hearing, alizay sultan told the court that Feroz Khan had been torturing for the past four years.

 According to the host, Alizay has stated in the court that once feroz had taken pistols on him and he had thought of separation on that day, even when his son was ill, Feroz Khan responded instead of coming to the hospital, do not blackmail me emotionally, you also pray I pray too.

 The host has claimed that Eliza now wants them to be given two million per month for expenses for both children by Feroz.

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